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Where the Salt of the Earth meets the Salt of the Sea

The Northumberland Fisheries Museum and Lighthouse Research & InterpretativeCentre in Pictou pays tribute to the fisheries industry of the region by preserving the rich sea heritage and culture and to help conserve the vulnerable lobster populations in the Northumberland Strait.

*** Please note:  The Lobster Hatchery is permanently Closed  ***

Our Mission

Northumberland Fisheries Museum & Heritage Association is to bring awareness to the public as to heritage and culture of the fishing industry, past and present, by collecting, preserving, and displaying artifacts and educating the youth of the Northumberland Strait and Gulf area.

Main Museum photo


The Main Museum contains artifacts depicting the heritage and culture of the fishing industry and boat building. A gift shop is also on this site. The Museum also offers children’s programs.

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Lighthouse Research & Interpretive Centre photo

Lighthouse Research & Interpretive Centre

The Lighthouse Research & Interpretative Centre is housed in a replica 1905 lighthouse that showcases research material, artifacts, and photographs.

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Panel Benches

Wharf With Interpretive Panels & Benches

Wharf with a walkway accessible around the facility
Interpretative panels on the wharf providing information about the fishing industry along the Northumberland Strait.
Memorial benches located along the wharf, between the panels, a great spot to sit and enjoy the harbour view