Lighthouse Research and Interpretative Centre

Featuring a collection from local historian, author, lighthouse expert and founder of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society, E.H. Rip Irwin*. This material includes a library of over 110 books, pamphlets, maps, magazines, over 34 volumes of lighthouse research related to NS, and 20 volumes of research on other Maritime lighthouses

18,000 photographs and additional videos and magazines; a focal point, and a unique draw for lighthouse enthusiasts and maritime historians.


* In 2006 Rip presented the Board of Directors with a donation of his entire collection of research, indexed volumes of material, over 18,000 photographs & data that is now an instrumental part of the new lighthouse museum on the Pictou waterfront.

Lighthouse Research and Interpretive Centre Features

6 Foot Animated map showing Lighthouse Locations in Nova Scotia
1905 Replica Gulf Style Lighthouse which houses the Lighthouse Centre
Photos, Research and Maps of Lighthouses in the Maritimes and beyond